DOULA~Don't Give Birth Without One.


Quotes "Christie asks you what you want the birth of you baby to be like and helps you achieve it in the best ways possible at the time. When Grace was born my water had been broken for twenty four hours. I received an epidural but it was no longer helping and emotionally I was very worn out. Christie kept me calm and focused and she helped my husband be a great partner to me. She gave me the strength to speak my needs to the hospital staff and it helped that she believed in me when I didn?t. The pushing phase took awhile and without Christie I would not have had a v-bac. Christie was many things for me but mostly she was this presence of strength next to me during my most challenging time I have ever faced. " Quotes
Natalie C.
Jacksonville, NC

Quotes Christie was a huge part of a successful birth! Since this was our first child, we were nervous about being pushed around or told what to do by doctors with an agenda, instead of having options and decisions we could make. We decided a doula would be essential so that we could start the birthing process as naturally as possible. Christie has such a calming influence that we knew we would be in good hands. At the hospital, she taught my husband some techniques to help me through contractions, enabling him to be a huge part of my labor. Christie had several suggestions of ways to labor, which ultimately allowed us the freedom to move around the room and not have stay on the bed being monitored for the majority of my labor. We felt so blessed to have a healthy baby girl along with a great hospital experience - and we believe Christie helped us to obtain that. My husband and I agreed that the smartest decision we could have made was to have our doula there with us! Quotes
Micah & Robin
New Bern, NC

Quotes What can I say except thank you. Having you as our doula was a true blessing. Morgan was very anxious about the birth of our first baby and you gave her the confidence she needed! You have a natural gift for making people feel 'loved'. You were with us every step of the way and when things got a little tough your presence was both calming and reassuring. Christie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my Morgan, we couldn't have done it without you!! IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A DOULA, CHRISTIE IS YOUR BEST CHOICE, SHE IS SECOND TO NONE!!! Quotes
Morgan & Jonathan
Camp Lejeune, NC

Quotes Having Christie present at the most critical point in labor was instrumental in our ability to have a natural childbirth experience. Her calming influence and trust in the process of labor really helped me to stay focused on my goal. She stood by me as I delivered and didn't leave my side after the baby was born (clearly knowing that mothers need continuing support even after the delivery is over) only slipping away quietly once family arrived. She called to check up on us days later and her post-delivery home visit really reassured me that we made the right choice in both natural birth and in a doula. I highly recommend Christie to all moms who are considering a natural experience for their labor and delivery, and want someone who will support them every step of the way. Quotes
Lilly & Erwin

Quotes When you tell someone that you are hiring a birthing doula many people respond with ?What?s that?? or ?What for??Having Christie as my doula started early as she counseled me on what to expect and how to prepare for labor. Then the big day came-I progressed through my labor with very little interventions & no epidural. It was such a blessing having her there working with my husband as a team or giving him a break when he needed it. It seemed as though my husband knew how to help me physically & Christie knew exactly what to say to help me stay focused & breathing. She made me feel at ease & even calm when things got tough! I ended up laboring for close to 36 hours when we made the decision to have a cesarean. Christie supported me every step of the way through a natural labor & the end result of a c-section. Christie was a perfect fit for us in every sense: personality, compatibility, passion, and endurance. Quotes
Erica Harris
I love doulas!

Quotes I want to thank you again for being my doula, our doula. Donny and I cannot rave enough about what an incredible experience it was, and you were a huge part in making that possible. Previous to finding you I had nearly given up hope on having the type of birth that I wanted. I was sure that I would end up being pushed around by some doctor and end up on my back with the epidural, wondering how I got there. In the end the doctors did try to push me around, but I had a team and a plan, and that helped me keep from backing down. Thanks a million for being on my team! Quotes
Caitlyn & Donny
Camp Lejeune, NC

Quotes I was blessed to have Christie with my husband and I during our first birthing experience. She was available to answer any question prior to going into labor. She was there when I started labor and guided me in the breathing and relaxation exercises to help me with the pain so I could try and have a natural birth as much as possible. Even though I needed to be given the pain medicine later she reassured me I wasn't giving up and even stated she was proud of me for trying so hard. She was there when my husband and I were forced to make a decision that took the birth in an unexpected direction. After the baby was born I told her I couldn't have done this without her and I mean this. I'm glad she is a part of our lives and I can't thank her enough for helping my husband and I with this new chapter in our lives. Quotes
Robin & George
Jacksonville, NC

Quotes I can?t begin to put into words how thankful my husband and I are for everything Christie did for us during the recent birth of our son. She helped me stay relaxed and focused and with her help, my husband and I were able to achieve a natural birth. I would absolutely love for her to attend the birth of any of our future children. Quotes
Amy & Mike
Jacksonville, NC

Quotes Knowing that you were available was very beneficial, especially since things didn't turn out as planned. You were a very calming presence and definitely helped me to put things into perspective, rather than allowing the anxiety to take over. You did so much for us! Quotes
Sherri & Ben
Camp Lejeune, NC

Quotes I just took Christie's early pregnancy class and left feeling so empowered. This class rocks! It gave me more information than I would have ever expected. I can't wait for the Lamaze Series!! Quotes
Emily C.
Early Pregnancy Workshop


  • "Christie was great; I would highly recommend her. She was a calming and supportive presence in a stresful time; she knew her stuff and gave great advice. She was always open to ..."
    Jessie R.
    Morehead City, NC
  • "Seeking a natural birth experience I knew a doula was a must. I was lucky enough to come across Christie Gumble?s contact information and from our first meeting knew she would b..."
    Christie & Matt T.
    Camp Lejeune, NC

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